Monday, February 11, 2013

Tangled Hoopla

For Lou's 6th birthday we did a tangled themed birthday party.  She had to be tangled anything less would be a disappointment.  Let's just say I've learned that sewing is more my thing ... cake decorating is not a part of my skill set.  However it's nice to know that a six year old was overjoyed with my attempt at a tower castle.  This would of been one of those times where you find a cake idea on pinterest and think to yourself well that looks simple enough.  I'll just whip up a tower cake because who can't make one of those (insert sarcasm)!  And wait for it... wait for it...

Seriously ... I'm not sure what happened but anyways there you have it :) .   I also made tissue pom poms and a tangled flag to hang in the room.  The pom poms were super easy... we just accordion folded the tissue paper, stapled them together in the middle and then fluffed.  The banner I found on the blog, supermommoments .  She created an awesome free printable that was super easy to use.

A tangled dress was a must... so without further ado ... I give you Lou's party dress...
She loved the way it turned out and I was just happy I got it done in time :)  In the picture the sleeve looks sort of wonky...  but it's just a peasant sleeve.

Last but not least we found fabric flowers in the scrapbook section of Michaels and I just hot glued them onto bobby pins.

The cake was definitely an epic fail... but that didn't stop from attempting a mario cake for my son's party.  It was also an epic fail... I think I must have a secret desire to be the cake boss but somehow it's not translating in my reality. :)

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