Friday, February 8, 2013

A Colorful Valentine’s Day Card

We recently just moved cross country and before I moved I sold a lot of my furniture from my previous house.... This is craziness but my husband actually bought the house we are in now without me here. :)  we did tons of video and pictures back and forth so that I could at least get a feel for the house while he was shopping.  He actually did a fantastic job and I love the house but it is half empty.  I seem to have lost my decorating muse.  I'm unsure which way to go with this new house... which is unusual for me seeing as how I usually make split second decisions.  Obviously I am off my game. ;) I hope to get some pictures up of my house and maybe someone can help me gain inspiration.  

I thought I wanted to go the way of the white couch... well it's official our family does not do white.  These other mothers who have gorgeous white furniture most be super mom because clearly I can't keep this sucker clean for the life of me.  I love the way it looks (in it's clean state... which hasn't happened since the day we bought it ... so in actuality I really don't like the way it looks) but I just can't maintain it.

On another note ... the kids and I tried to make melted crayon hearts for their class valentines and I almost burnt the house down in the process... OOPSIES!  Apparently silicone ice cube trays and silicone cake molds are not interchangeable... your welcome for testing this theory for you so you don't burn your own house down.  Luckily I finally got a hold of a silicone cake mold at hobby lobby and the crayons turned out super cute!  We followed the directions for the valentine printable at ....

A Colorful Valentine’s Day Card

The wanted cards were inspired by a card in the zoeyluna etsy store.

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