Tuesday, February 5, 2013

New Etsy Listings

So the creative juices have totally been popping this week:)  I've been having my own sewing lollapoolza.  So I just wanted to share the latest two projects I've been working on that have been added to my etsy store. Who knew I wanted to make flower girl dresses but anyways that's the idea that kept popping up.  Both of these dresses are definitely on the more casual side so they could also be used for the everyday little princess!

Aside from the obvious that she is about the cutest thing I have every seen along with her brother dew and sister boo. :)  I'm super excited about the way these turned out!

On another note ... anyone else find themselves with 13 loads of unfolded laundry after the kids are finally in bed and instead of folding said laundry like a normal person would do... I watch The Real Housewives of Atlanta, hop on my blog and suck back an ice cream cone filled with strawberries, bananas and hot fudge :)

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