Wednesday, February 20, 2013

breaking down the meaning of life

It seems my kids come up with the most random questions at the most random times... For example at dinner tonight they asked me why they can't hear God's voice.   I start in on all the ways God speaks to us ... yadda yadda yadda.  When they interrupt my spontaneous sermon :) to tell me that "Satan speaks to me... like when I'm mad at you and think I'm not going to punch you and then he makes me say to myself that I am."  I love kids and the hilarious ways their minds work.  This totally cracked me up because hello should I be worried about split personalities ... maybe I should change her name to Sybil. ;) But in reality I totally know what they mean and I love that my kids bring truth and humor to me everyday.

With out humor, my life would be over ... for reals!  There was a study done (and I mean that loosely I can't even remember where I saw it ... it could be from in touch magazine ... don't tell anyone I read that)... that said we need 7 hugs a day to be a healthy individual .  Well my healthy individual recipe should involve laughing hysterically 7 times a day.  However I want the hugs too ... oh and some kisses from the hubs and my babies too... and talking to my bestie everyday... ooh and definitely a McDonald's diet that selfish?  Maybe I'm high maintenance . :)

So on another note of something that I need to be a healthy individual... or possibly not in one of those times where I get mildly obsessed (notice mildly is interchangeable with extremely) cranking out a new project.  Here is the latest... it was on it's way to being an epic fail and I somehow redeemed it along the way :). I love the way it turned out... so girly and feminine.  This dress was made with the Violette Field Threads Viola dress pattern.

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