Friday, May 17, 2013

DIY Boy's Room on the Cheap!

So a little disclaimer... don't stare at wrinkliest curtains known to man ... I couldn't help myself I just had to post pictures RIGHT NOW!  So lets pretend like that they are wrinkle free and I spent hours ironing them to perfection (like I would spend hours ironing anything ... but it's the thought that counts! :) )

This is my little honey dew's room... we finally finished it... to both of our satisfaction... and (how many more dot dot dots can I put in ) ... on practically a $5.00 dollar budget.

Dang it ...I wish I had a before picture... I feel like I say that a lot... hmmm... maybe I should make a note to self to take before pictures ... oh that's right I don't do notes and if I do I lose them.  :) So looks like there will probably not be before pictures in the future either, but one can always hope.

To give you an idea of the before you can look at my house tour pictures and the gold you see on the walls was the glorious gold on the walls in my honey dew's room as well.  As you can guess gold was not really a part of my magical color scheme plan first things first we repainted the walls.  Not really sure why I just referred to myself as we... you see when painting happens in this house or any other house ... I'm the designated painter in this relationship.  The hubs is good for a lot of things... painting is not one of them.

I totally rocked some DIY projects in this room thanks to Pinterest :) ...(what in the world did I do before pinterest) ... the faux roman shades, painted canvas curtains, Peyton Manning picture canvas (engineering print from staples ...rubber cemented to foam board), twine and chalkboard mason jars and the orange wall shelves I originally scored at Goodwill.  I also found the Pottery barn kids bedding on EBAY and several of the little pictures on clearance.

I had one almost epic fail... My little man wanted a picture of Peyton Manning in his broncos uniform ... hmmm ... maybe I should actually look at the letters and emblems on the uniform before I just decide that the picture is obviously manning on the broncos... Bummer it was a college picture of him and of course honey realized it right away.  Luckily hunky hubs suggested we do three pictures... college ... then on the colts and then the broncos as well.  Love that man :) In the end... I loved the way the room turned out and even better my little Honey Dew was so in love also.

I'd love to hear any comments, suggestions or questions you have!  Thanks for stopping by! :)



  1. Your curtains look fabulous--wrinkles and all! I don't have a clue who Peyton Manning is, but I am glad your problem was fixed!Clever fellow you have there, even if he doesn't paint!

    1. Thanks so much! So glad you stopped by. My man does tend to come in handy in times of need ;)

  2. Despite the wrinkles those curtains are fabulous, I love the striping! Really cute room, and isn't it so satisfying to know you hardly spent anything?! Great job!

    1. Thanks Krista! So glad you can see past the wrinkles ;)

  3. The easiest way to redo a room is to paint it! And it was a nice choice of color too. I wonder if your little one loves blue. Anyway, congratulations on a successful and cheap project!
    Leeanne @ Pro Master