Friday, June 7, 2013

Epic Mom Moments...

I might as well admit to you up front... in a recent speech Boo had to do for school, she had to describe her parents and she described me as Amy Duncan from Good Luck Charlie.  I'm not gonna lie... I can admit even I see some definite similarities.  From the moment Boo was conceived I promise you... we have been incapable of doing normal.... and once you are traveling the road to crazy ... you might as well keep it up with all future children as well.  Parenting is full of unexpected challenges... I find laughing my way through the chaos keeps me sane...  So here are a few of my epic parenting moments from this week...

1.  On the way into 5th grade graduation push poor Boo's head into the bushes while she throws up all of her nervous anxiety about graduating.

2.  At graduation... open my lawn chair that the school requested we bring for the ceremony... only to realize that my chair is the smallest beach chair in America, resting about a solid inch off the ground.  This beach chair is a great chair.... at the beach... it is not a great chair when everyone around you clearly got the memo to bring a normal size lawn chair and your head is at the level of everyone else's lap. 

3.  Being an eternal optimist... assume I can make it all the way across town with my crazy kids in tow... without filling up for gas... because really what could go wrong???... I will just head to the gas station right after... only to arrive at said gas station to realize I left my wallet at the previous place we were at... luckily optimism worked in my favor and I rolled into the station with 4 miles due until empty.

4.  Go to Dew's 3rd grade musical only to realize that there was obviously a note that went home explaining kids need to wear a black shirt... where that note went... nobody knows... hence why Dew wore a white shirt.  

5.  While putting the girls to bed... my foot rolled over something squishy and some what wet... (keep in mind the room was dark at this point and I couldn't see ... I was relying on touch and unfortunately smell alone)... so I reach down to pick it up... thinking it's a piece of food and automatically go to take a sniff... Wait for it....  Are you kidding me I am holding a literal poop pellet under my nose with my bare hands....  and all I can keep saying is ... "I am holding a literal turd in my bare hands... again I am holding a literal turd in my bare hands."  My question is where did the poop pellet come from??? Of course everyone says it wasn't them... Clearly a ghost came in and left a turd as a gift for me.

Can't wait to see what next week has in store! ;)




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