Monday, June 24, 2013

Clothing Tags and Labels

I've been on a clothing label and tag quest... you know... one that takes little to no effort... is cheap... and that I happen to have supplies for in my hoarder pile that has been discussed in detail... herehere and here.  That's the thing about hoarder's piles you find unexpected treasures, such as this bias tape.

Just as a small disclaimer... if you don't have a letter stitching function on your sewing machine this post is not going to be very magical for you... if you do have this function... it is your lucky day!!  To begin with... I cut about a 5 inch strip of the bias tape to ensure I had plenty of room for my company name.  

If you have a Husqvarna sewing machine and are unsure how to use your letter stitching function... I would be happy to give you helpful tips if you need some... Otherwise your on your own friends I haven't tried this on any other machine.  If your anything like me your instruction booklet should literally be labeled !&%$... it's a four letter word if you know what I mean... don't tell anyone I'm saying this but there's a teensy chance it could come in handy in this instance ;)

Once you have programmed a letter sequence into your sewing machine ... stitch away! After you finish, iron each end under and then place on article of clothing and stitch around all sides.  And Ba-Bam... you have a super cute clothing label.  Unfortunately I was experimenting with different colors and you can't see my clothing label very well on the skirt below ... but trust me it's adorable!  

Just to keep things simple I also used the same method to make a clothing tag.  I used some peacock feather embossed card stock I had on hand... did a little fancy schmancy cutting with my little girls scissors ... mainly because whenever I need my regular scissors they magically disappear... it's like socks when you wash them... somewhere between the washer and the dryer... POOF ... they disappear.

  Next just sew your label directly onto your card stock with a straight stitch with coordinating thread.

Add a little twine for some serious cute factor....

And Ta-dah... It gives your item just that added touch it needed (well at least mine needed it :) ).

Feel free to leave comments or thoughts below!  Thanks for stopping by :)


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