Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Diy Barn Cabinet Doors

I have about 14,999 blog posts that have built up in my head lately so I need to do some major catching up on some of my latest diy home and sewing projects.  Project 1 of 14,999 was distressed barn cabinet doors for ugliest t.v. cutout in America.

I'm so excited I finally finished my cabinet barn doors. As I've mentioned before we recently moved to California and we bought a house that had a huge wall cutout for a t.v. However this cutout left me rather confused. There were actually two cavernous holes... clearly one was meant for the t.v. but what the heck was the large space above it meant for. I wish I would have taken a before picture so you could relive the whole experience of my confusion but this is all I've got for you ... a mental picture... a 3x4 foot space with one bottom shelf.

Well one night it hit me in bed ... because that's where I do all of my decorating... you know in my head... where I can easily spend money on any and all projects with absolutely zero consequences. :) So anyways back to my genius idea... I decided I wanted to make Barn like cabinet doors to cover the top portion and then I can use that area as storage. Also known as a hiding place for the hubs monster subwoofer which is obviously necessary for optimum movie watching experience. :) We originally made the doors like a very basic wooden shutter.... and I've mentioned before ... when I say we ... I mean the hubs. I come up with the vision and the supplies and he constructs. He often questions what I would do without him, I assure him obviously I would learn to use all of those manly power tools. ;)

So as you can see... basic door was not doing it for me so before I painted the doors a neighbor added the X's to the doors... which I was totally feeling!

After the doors were finished I took them outside and looked for different items in the garage to beat the living heck out of them.  I'm sure my neighbors thought I was a little crazy when I came out with the bat and then a few different wrenches... oh and a hammer and pretty much anything else that looked like it might leave a mark :) .

I debated on the color of the shutters and even asked my husband's opinion which I'm not sure why since I always do the color I wanted in the first place. :)  The aqua coffee table I did in a previous post was the inspiration.  I'm just totally loving aqua right now and that coffee table is in another room so I thought it was safe to do it again in my family room.  However I did the opposite order of colors to try and tone them down a little in an effort to appease the hubs.  He thought they should be stained espresso but I like to live on the wild side... the gray on top resembles espresso... Right?  ;)

The doors themselves are now complete, but I am still on the hunt for a super fabulous rustic iron latch for the front to hold the doors closed.

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  1. Oh how cool are these. I love them. What a great idea, and so much character. Love the aqua color. Thanks tons for joining Inspire Me. Hugs, Marty

  2. What a great idea..Really pretty color! I'm inspired, now to find the doors! :)