Wednesday, April 2, 2014

DIY Reupholstered Chair

Reupholstering and repainting are cheap and quick ways to change something in a hurry.  This chair was in a serious situation before it's makeover.  We inherited this jewel along with a desk and dresser that I am also in the process of making over.
I started with a coral paint (that was under my bathroom sink… just waiting to be used) to go in Lou's room.  I love coral and the room definitely needs some pops of color.  We also just recently added some aqua curtains so we decided to go with that same theme with the chair cushion.  The fabric is actually flannel which Lou loved for the coziness factor.  And the best part was that I only needed half a yard which obviously makes for a cheap project…. and everyone knows free or practically free is my favorite way!

As you can see the before fabric was a nasty black pleather that had definitely seen better days!  I stapled my new fabric directly over the existing fabric with my electric staple gun and it worked like a charm.   I love the way this chair turned out especially for this space!!  Lou's room is full of close to free :) DIY projects… and I will definitely update the blog with those soon!  Thanks for stopping by… have a fantastic day!


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