Saturday, August 17, 2013

The Story Behind The Pictures....

It started out as a normal Saturday... finish latest sewing project... bribe youngest daughter to let me take ridonculously gorgeous pictures of her... get a Mcdonald's Diet Coke in a foam cup... cart 14 children (slight exaggeration... 4 to be exact... but you know... 4 rounded up to 14... pretty much the same thing) around to run a few errands and take them to the duck pond to see their favorite duck friend, lovingly named "Afro Duck" (obviously for his fro... who knew ducks had afros... if you are dying of curiosity right now ... look it up ... white crested duck... I'm sure all of you have reached a higher level of genius than I have... and already knew about the white crested duck and his glorious fro... but I promise you when I first laid eyes on "Afro Duck" it was a magical moment for me)  and finish with a few goodies from the chocolate shop. 
It was at the duck pond where our day took a turn... some may say a turn for the worse... however I say a turn for the better... it's not everyday I have the cops called on my children and I while feeding ducks at the duck pond. Who knew you could even do anything at the duck pond that would prompt a 911 call and visit from Mr. Officer.  Let this be a lesson to you... there is apparently a duck patrol on the loose... and they speak for "Afro Duck" and "Afro Duck's" friends... they are the voice for the voiceless.  So anyways back to Mr. Officer (I wish I knew his name... but as any good citizen... I referred to him as officer when speaking to him :) ) 

 I was in the middle of taking these pictures of Lou, when out of the corner of my eye I see an Officer of the Law talking to my son and neighbor kid we brought with us.  I quickly walk over to them and say, "Is their a problem Officer?" Looking back now it was probably laying it on a bit thick to refer to him as officer, but it just popped out!  Mr. Officer replies, "There's been a report made that you were picking up the ducks and throwing them." To which I said, "Well that would be traumatizing."  I can't imagine what my face must have looked like, because there was a long pause and then Mr. Officer awkwardly adds, "Yah, I've never tried to catch a duck and I'm not even sure how you would go about doing that." Me.. "Hmmm... yah that would be tricky." Mr. Officer..."They also reported you were throwing rocks at the ducks..."  Me..."Ummm... we had a loaf of bread we were throwing..."  Long pause again... Officer..."They also said you were running at and chasing the ducks."

At this point I'd like to question... "Is there a law against running towards the ducks?  If so maybe the Certified duck patrol should put out a rule sign... not that I would read the rule sign... but I can see how this would cut down on confusion for other duck pond goers... like say can you run parallel to the ducks... can you run towards the ducks as long as you maintain a 2 foot distance at all times ... or can you chase the ducks as long as they are only in groups of 4.... people lets get specific here who knows if I was running at the ducks or maybe I got something in my eye and was temporarily blinded while running and didn't know I was going toward the ducks... anyways... I say to Mr. Officer..."Listen, I'm not going to lie, my kids were running around near the ducks... but I promise you in no way were we harming ducks."  Long Long Long Pause.... awkward pause... still getting more awkward pause... Me..."Welp, Ok, Sorry about that... kids lets go!"  Mr. Officer... "Just make sure you don't harm the ducks."   Thoughts to self... keep a straight face... don't get arrested for attempted duck violence... do not ask Mr. Officer why we can't run at the ducks.... do not let son who has a big mouth ask Mr. Officer why we can't run at the ducks... Do not ask Mr. Officer if I look like someone who would pick up ducks and throw them... Smile and wave at all the people at the duck pond, so the secret duck patrol knows you're not getting arrested for duck throwing...get out of most awkward situation with Mr. Officer as quickly as possible...

So as you can see pictures can be deceiving... no one would know from these adorable pictures that I almost got arrested for duck death by throwing... 

Thanks for stopping by and sharing in another day in this crazy girl's life! 

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  1. Wow, a duck patrol. Maybe it's good to have that but it doesn't sound like you or your children were doing anything wrong. Some people......The dress is stunning and she looks so beautiful.
    Have a great week.